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Project Title: A Coupla Pros


Cie Peterson

Owner/Director/Producer of Clouds and a Waffle Productions

Cie Peterson is an infinitely productive, wildly creative dynamo with broad-based experience as a director, writer, editor, actor, and teacher. Eminently concerned with the welfare and success of her clients, and gifted with the ability to ideate fluidly, concretely, and tirelessly, Cie is someone who gets things done!

Lea Peterson

Writer/Social Media Director

Lea Peterson is a Boston-based singer, writer, music director, and voice teacher. She can be found on either side of the camera, working with Clouds and a Waffle as an actress, writer, and assistant producer.

Militza Schwartz

Art Director/Graphic Designer

Militza is a multi-talented artist and illustrator with a background in graphic design, new media, and photography. Her creative eye allows her to see the world in a unique way, and her artistic abilities allow her to translate that vision into beautiful images.


Two golf widows tee off their business partnership with the purchase of a pro shop, but despite their style and flair, scoring with the eccentric country club clientele may prove more of a hazard than they bargained for.

With their husbands lost to the links, their kids headed to college, and plenty of time and money on their hands, Jen and Sandra decide to fulfill — well, if not the dream of a lifetime, at least the dream of one boozy night: They buy the pro shop at their husbands’ golf club. With little know-how and even less to lose, they dare to build a fashion-forward business while keeping an eye on the green… and the green.

Creator’s Statement:

In 2010, I created my first project, an animated series entitled If I Had a Dime. After that, the ideas kept coming and coming until there were so many of them that I needed to start my own production company, so last year I founded Clouds and a Waffle Productions, located at City Arts on Pearl in downtown Hartford. My mission was to form a company dedicated to a lofty, but achievable ambition: crafting original, quality programming right here in the town I now call home. #HartfordIsTheNewHollywood.

Our first project was a digital series that resulted in an offer of a production/distribution deal. Jackpot! Now my team and I have turned our attention to another digital series, this one called A Coupla Pros. It’s a witty, light-hearted story about women and friendship, dreams and failures, life and golf, and features two delightfully charming characters that we have already cast with two equally delightful actresses… both union, both CT-based.

Shooting original stories is an expensive proposition, as well as an exercise in continually swimming against the tide. But it is also a nearly divine enterprise, one that results from creation and collaboration, and then results in a celebration of our shared humanity with the world at large. Clouds and a Waffle is a vehicle for telling compelling stories. Unearthing stories that need to be told and then telling them well… that is what Clouds and a Waffle Productions is all about.


Clouds and a Waffle Official Website

Kickstarter Page

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