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October 25, 2018

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Work in Progress - The Money Shot

August 14, 2018



The Work in Progress series is designed to highlight local creators and their current project in development, no matter the stage of development. If you'd like to have your unfinished project highlighted here on the Nutmeg blog, contact us at

Project Title: The Money Shot



Steve Emirzian - Creator


 - 25 years working steadily as an actor, writer, producer and director.

 - TV series extra in 80s and 90s

 - Worked with Gayle King on The Gayle King Show

 - Attended the CT School of Broadcasting.

 - Accepted into The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.

 - Attended film classes at the School of Visual Arts

 - Received 4-year degree at CCSU.

 - Worked closely with CT Film Office for Hollywood productions like “Judging Amy”


A show-within-a-show (i.e. 30 Rock, The Larry Sanders Show) The lead plays a James Bond-type in a faux series, as well as playing himself when cameras stop rolling. The series is loosely based on creator, Steven Emirzian’s life. An opportunity is given for the lead to go from his go-nowhere job in local news to becoming a top producer on a Hollywood action show filmed in the same news building in Hartford.

Creator’s Statement

Throughout all my experiences I realized I loved every title in media and wanted to give back to my community if I could. For years, there has been talk (and not much more) about having films shoot in Connecticut on a semi-regular basis but it never seemed to pan out. We have confrontational talk shows like JERRY SPRINGER and such, but I wanted to see something that would raise the bar.


Today, I work at FOX61 in the news department (Closed-Captioning) and have been there for 4 years. Early on, I noted the peculiar and funny things that often happen in local news markets and started writing things on a legal pad whenever I found something quirky or amusing about the news station or the staff.


This became the inspiration for a Hartford based SITCOM based loosely on my life at the news station. The main character's life is changed when he's suddenly pulled from the lower end job at a news station and given the job of producer of a Hollywood action series that will take place in the same building as his old job. It will be a "show-within-a-show" format not unlike 30 Rock or The Larry Sanders Show.


I already have a full season of scripts, treatment and character bios. My attorney is currently shopping the idea to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. I have been in contact with one award winning director and two celebrities who have verbally expressed interest. I hope to get a Letter of Interest from them at some point.


The problem is, even though I have interest, they are only interested in coming aboard when there is funding. I'm trying to get distribution from the companies but, as a Plan B, I'd like to shoot the pilot in Hartford. I'm looking to set up a fundraising campaign for local (wealthy) investors or businesses who wouldn't mind donating the funds. This makes it easier to sell a series when you have something shot.


Most pilots cost anywhere from one to two million dollars which I find crazy. I know I can shoot a pilot, with the award winning director and celebs for well under $100 grand. Maybe as little as $75 thousand.


This is my plan. In the meantime, I'm sending out blogs, press releases and working on social media to get the word out. A Hartford based series has never been shot in State. The revenue it could bring is potentially great, especially if it goes on for several seasons. Jobs would be created immediately with the preferences going to Hartford residents who are qualified.


This is my dream. This is what I'm pursuing. I hope to gather some much needed allies along the way.

Check out the GoFundMe page for more information and for ways to donate to the project.

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