YUPntwk: A New Media Ecosystem For CT Creators

Photo credit: Kevin Jachimowicz

The Reimagining

Giving CT Creators a Reason to Stay

The new media ecosystem. Citizen Creators some can argue, many do, are the future of media. Experts becoming brokers and facilitators, arm chair creators evolving into the new authority. The creative economy in Connecticut is a unique one; let us just say still waters run deep. The volume and caliber of talent can rival any mecca yet still goes largely unheard, unrecognized. Why and what is a possible solution?

Here at Public Media we have pondered this very question. How can Connecticut’s creative economy tip? How can we compel young people to stay, create and contribute to the vibrancy of our communities? So we set out to learn as much as we could, spending countless hours interviewing local creators, influencers, doers and makers in and of [CT] who chose to stay.

What we learned

After over a year of research, some key insights became very clear. Young people (generally 20-35 years old), particularly those of the creative cloth are leaving Connecticut primarily because of 1) Lack of opportunity due to the absence of an established creative industry 2) Lack of access to the existing platforms and exposure 3) Lack of support and investment in Connecticut’s creative infrastructure.

According to the research and studies of World Cities Culture Forum it is believed that preserving and amplifying the unique cultures of our neighborhoods and cities directly correlate with the health and economic prosperity of our communities. Therefore, we could suppose that fostering a creative ecosystem has the potential to boost socio-economic growth. Artists and creators can be the catalyst for positive change.

This got us thinking, how can we at Public Media help close these gaps?

Jaime Wilkinson, CEO of VHX offered this insight, “…The new system is about openness. The internet is about sharing, about trust, respect. The internet is really bringing us back to the days of the mom and pop shop, because if you have bad service, everybody’s gonna know about it. It’s so important to be involving people in the process and treating them fairly”.

Partnering with the Public

Experimenting with something new. In this new media ecosystem, instead of creating for you, we want to create with you. A Citizen Creative and Public Media joint-production (if you will), termed YUPntwk. In the reimagining of how we serve the public, as the only locally owned broadcast media company, we envision YUPntwk as a symbiotic relationship, converging the value of an established brand with a 50-year legacy with the untapped brilliance of the local creative community.

Find the tribe. We are on a quest to connect and build relationships with the demographically diverse cohorts of Millennials & Gen Z. Seeking activated and passionate content producers, creative entrepreneurs and charismatic personalities, coupling our resources with your novel ideas, to produce fresh original content for broadcast and digital.

Enable the tribe. Our method is simple, invest in people. Based off community feedback, we have established a pathway for emerging creatives to have direct access to space, resources, funding, freelance and development opportunities. The intent is to contribute to the sustainability and exposure of local creators by way of providing production and marketing support.

Spotlight the tribe. Focused on new stories and new storytellers, we are interested in featuring the people and parts of Connecticut typically underserved by big broadcast networks. Seeking niche content for passionate, deep audiences because as humans, our interests are personal, complex, specific and nuanced. Reflecting diverse multicultural experiences is central to our mission and essential in today’s socio-cultural climate.

Nurturing the Creative Class; Build with us!

Calling all producers, editors, animators, photographers, videographers, musicians, DJs, dancers, promoters, personalities, designers, artists, The NTWK is a membership designed with you in mind. Established to build pathways of access and opportunity for local artists and creators to live more sustainably, The NTWK is a creative house that believes Connecticut is the place to be. Believing that success is a group activity, we join forces on joint-productions, offer freelance jobs, and design events and trainings that bring together likeminded people. We believe in the power of collective influence, The NTWK is the place where we honor the cultivators of culture through shared space, shared experiences and producing content together. Connecticut’s Creative Renaissance is now. The Creative Class is you. Join us today.



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