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Nutmeg Conversations: Greg Nutcher

October 25, 2018

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Why You Should Participate in the 48HFP!

May 22, 2018



It's wedding season! Errr...we mean, it's 48 Hour Film Project season!!*


Last time we covered what the 48 Hour Film Project is but maybe you're not convinced, maybe you're sitting there thinking "Why? Why should I participate in the 48HFP?" 


Simple, because it's fun! 


Closes laptop. Looks at notes - Word count: ~700 words. 


Well, in that case, here are Five Reasons you should participate in the 48 Hour Film Project: 


1. A Chance to Be Creative: It's easy to work on a film for months, perfecting the script, scouting out ideal locations, storyboarding, meeting with actors and casting directors, and finally lensing the shots. Okay, well maybe it isn't easier...but with the 48HFP you don't have the luxury of all that time. You have to work with what you got. And that means when you pick the dreaded "Musical" genre you better hope your actors can carry a tune. 

The Required Elements might seem to hamper the creativity but, in fact, they actually make you work harder and become more creative. How are you going to include the Required Line of Dialogue in a silent film? What are you supposed to do when you planned to shoot at your parent's house in Connecticut but drew Sci-Fi as a genre? What do you do when lollipop is the Required Prop? We've seen filmmakers solve these and other problems and they'll continue to do so, they only have 48 hours after all. It's great practice for adapting in the writer's room and on set for your next production. 


2. Challenge Yourself: Whether this is your first film or your thirty-fifth 48HFP, each and every weekend presents a new challenge. The time constraints and the required elements certainly add a level of difficulty to things but the best things come when you're pushed up against the wall and need to get something done. 


Instead of talking about making that film you always dreamed, get out there and get something done. 

If you're new to filmmaking, just making a film is challenging enough. Trust us, we know and we applaud you. If you're one of our veterans, try something new. Maybe you always wanted to make your film a single take or wanted to add special effects. Go for it! 


3. Make New Friends and Colleagues:  The 48HFP is a great opportunity to come together with other creators in the local film community. From the Meet-Ups to Kick-off Night and from the Premieres to Awards Night our events are always filled with great people, big laughs, and shared sense of love for moviemaking.  


Also, because you're working so closely with people for two days you gain the added benefit of figuring out who you do and do not want to work with again. Sometimes film crews don't always work out, it's a fact of the industry, on the bright side you only have 48 hours together. But if it is working out, you got yourself a film crew for life. 


4. The Premieres and Parties: Every single film is screened on a big screen theater. It's one thing to show off your movie to friends on your laptop or in your living room but how about inviting them to see the World Premiere in an actual movie theater? How many people can say their movie premiered in a theater? 48 Hour Film Project participants can! 


In addition to the premieres, we host a Best Of and Awards Night where the best of the best are celebrated and take home some pretty fun prizes. Walk the red carpet and have your picture taken in front of the Step-and-Repeat. Kick back with a drink and cheer as filmmakers are nominated and awarded for their outstanding achievements. Once the awards wrap up, you can party the night away with your friends, family, and other filmmakers. 


5. It's FUN!: Seriously, it's a blast. It's why we have teams return year after year to participate in this event. They look forward to the thrill of getting their movie in on time, the camaraderie and shared war stories with other filmmakers, the chance to celebrate everyone's work, and the memories they make along the way.  


Most importantly, by the end of the weekend you have a completed film in your hands. Boom! You're a filmmaker now. The 48HFP can jumpstart that confidence and be the first step you need to make your next short, that TV pilot you always wanted, or the feature film you wrote in college. 


If you're still not convinced, we don't know what to tell you. You're probably just scared of challenges, don't like making new friends, and are anti-fun. But if you change your mind, you know where to find us this summer: having a wild and crazy film-making-filled time! 


*Technically it's both. - Editor


The 48 Hour Film Project New Haven returns July 2018 for it's 8th season. Filmmakers from all over will come together and challenge themselves to make a short film in only 48 hours. 


All films will be screened at the The State House, New Haven


Early Bird registration opens May 22nd and filming takes place July 27th-29th. 


The 2018 48 Hour Film Project New Haven is proudly presented by the Connecticut Office of Film, Television, and Digital Media

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