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Nutmeg Conversations: Greg Nutcher

October 25, 2018

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Nutmeg Gazette: “Take the Leap. It's Worth It.” – Alicia & Renato Ghio

March 7, 2018

It all started on a hunch. It was a gut instinct that we can do it on our own, and, do it better. We were working for other people at the time and just decided to jump in and do our own thing. It was the right moment; we were compelled to take the leap. It was now or never.


So, WAY back in 1999 we formed our video production business. It was a pretty long time ago; you know, back when you had to shoot on actual tape. Finished projects? Those went out to tape too. Yeah, VHS players were still a thing back then. Oh the horror of it all! We shudder to think of it now.


Here’s the thing. Being successful is as much about knowing what you want to do as it is about knowing what you don’t want to do. We knew from the get-to that we “don’t do weddings.” Our focus was on business-related video. Don’t get us wrong, we definitely wanted to tackle more creative, personally fulfilling projects, but this was going to be a business. We wanted to make a living doing this so we needed to be practical. Creative endeavors like short films are amazing, but they don’t always pay the bills. The best part is that over the years we have been able to make a consistent living AND join other amazing people, like our friends at The Nut, on a ton of side productions.*


We approach every production, whether for business or fun, as a team. We have our own separate yet intertwined areas of expertise and, when we can, we fill in the gaps with the right people. Knowing you have a core group of fellow production peers you can rely on is important. There is nothing better than being part of a production team that’s completely in sync, rolling with the ups and downs, to make a project the best it can be. When a crew has that kind of bond, it’s almost like you go through a little bit of a withdrawal when things wrap. It keeps you motivated to do it all over again.


This idea of relationships extends beyond that of a crew. Being good at your craft and staying up to date with your craft is only a part of the puzzle. To make a living, you need to build relationships with your clients. People like to work with people they like. You need a client to love your product and, more importantly, love working with you. Not to pat ourselves on the back or anything, but we have a handful of clients from the early days of our business that we still work with today.


We don’t know what else we can tell you. Simply put, we love what we do and we can’t imagine doing anything else. We feel privileged to love our day job.


Take the leap. It’s worth it.


- Alicia & Renato Ghio 



Alicia and Renato Ghio are the owner/operators of RmediA, a full-service production company based in Danbury, CT. In addition to their film work and being heavily involved in the Downtown Danbury movement, Alicia is a culinary master and the blogger behind Local Food Rocks while Renato jams out with Irish rock band, The Mighty Ploughboys. You can follow their adventures (and their cats) here and here. 


*Some of those fun, creative side projects that RmediA helped film and produce include our brunch videos, the pilot episode of JeskidTV, and Season 3 of Scenes from the Movies. Full disclosure: they are blast to work with on set. 



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