“I Make Movies on the Side” - A Conversation with Wax Idiotical Films (By Wax Idiotical Films)

The Nutmeg Institute is proud to present a fake interview with real (part-time) filmmakers Wax Idiotical Films written by... Wax Idiotical Films (huh, we really should have thought this through).

Wax Idiotical Films: "Hey Mark and Kyp, thanks for taking the time."

Mark Marshall (writer/director/talent/founder of Wax Idiotical Films): "Actually, I’m Mark, he’s Kyp."

WI: "..I mean, this is just written out, you’re literally making this up right now."

Kyp Pilalas (writer/director/talent/founder of Wax Idiotical Films): Right… but I’m Kyp.

WI: "Ok, moving along. So you two are the founders of Wax Idiotical Films."

MM: "Yes, we started making movies back in 2007 and have been going since."

KP: "Mostly work on the 48 Hour Film Project."

WI: "What’s that?"*

MM: "It’s kind of in the name."

KP: "It’s a film competition which challenges team of filmmakers varying from professional production companies to amateurs-"

MM: "Some who have never made a movie-"

KP: "to write, shoot and edit a movie all over the course of one weekend."

WI: "And you guys have made..?"

MM: "Right now the count is up to 35."

WI: "Is that a lot?"

KP: "Is the Pope Jewish?"

WI: "So, it’s not a lot?"

KP: "No, it is!"

WI: "But the Pope isn’t Jewish"**

KP: "I don’t know how ‘sayings’ work"

WI: "Is it true you guys got to go to the Cannes Film Festival (Festival de Cannes) in 2016 for winning the New Haven 48?"***

KP: "I mean, we don’t wanna brag."

WI: "Again… you’re writing this."

MM: "I mean, we were blown away by that opportunity."

KP: "It was an absolutely surreal experience."

WI: "So you guys are like, real filmmakers!"

KP: "Well… Yes and No."

MM: "We make films, but it’s not like, our job."

KP: "I think that’s what great about the New England film community-"

MM: "Is Connecticut actually in New England?"****

KP: "They support filmmakers of every level. We all work full time jobs, and we make movies on the side for fun. But our movies get to show up on the big screen."

MM: "Competing every year with various teams we’re given the opportunity to hone our skills, and try new things artistically working on a timeline that works for our everyday, non-production company lives."

KP: "The folks-"

MM: "Folks? What is this 1925 Savannah?"*****

KP: "The individuals from the Nutmeg institute have been especially supportive, welcoming and encouraging to not just us, but filmmakers from all over Conneticut and beyond."

WI: "You misspelled Connecticut."

MM: "He doesn’t get how ‘spelling’ works."

KP: "Trish and Pat have been producing the 48 HFP in New Haven and for years asked us to participate, and when we finally did we were blown away."

MM: "The amount of events, and the support systems that they’ve set up for the competition is unreal, and really speaks to their passion of working in the industry."

KP: "Don’t call it that."

MM: "Sorry"

KP: I think that’s why we’re so excited for the Nutmeg Institute to take off. It’s refreshing to see such a supportive creative environment coming to fruition.

MM: "We really look forward to what’s to come."

WI: Well, thank you guys for sitting down and talking with yourselves, and we look forward to seeing more of your 48s and other projects in the future.

For more information on Wax Idiotical Films you can check us out at our website (www.waxidiotical.com) or our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/waxidiotical)

*Editor's Notes*

*It really is in the name. The 48 Hour Film Project is the world's largest and longest-running timed film competition. Teams of filmmakers have 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, and score a short film. To make the event more challenging teams are randomly assigned a genre at kickoff as well as three required elements (prop, character, and line of dialogue) that must be included. For more information: http://www.48hourfilm.com/

**The Pope aka the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church is, in fact, not Jewish.

***Each 48 Best Of Film City Winner is selected to represent their city at Filmapalooza, the 48 Hour Film Project's festival celebrating the best 48 films made around the world. Wax Idiotical's 2015 film "Falling in Love in a Coffeeshop" represented New Haven at Filmapaooza and won Best 48HFP at the Independent Television Festival in 2015 sending them and their film to Cannes.

****It is.

*****It is not.

Want to make a movie in just 48 hours like the "folks" from Wax Idiotical? Take advantage of our New Year's special and save 25% off Regular Registration and register your team today! https://www.48hourfilm.com/nyspecial

The New Haven 48 Hour Film Project New Haven returns July 2018.

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